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We are a boutique motorcycle gear and accessories shop specialising in women's motorcycle gear. As a community of riders, we aim to drive positive change in the motorcycle industry.

While prior experience with motorcycle gear isn't mandatory, we're looking for people who are eager to learn. Especially if you're interested in our niche in inclusive-sized women's motorcycle gear.


Left to Right: Lisa (Customer Happiness & Dispatch), Amanda (Director), Steph (Accounts)

We've found our people!

There are no roles available at Peak Moto for now. Please check back later! 😊

Work Culture at Peak Moto

At Peak Moto, we value diversity and inclusivity. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds, ages, and identities to apply.

We strongly believe in being your authentic self, and we welcome and encourage our team members and customers to do the same.

This means we'd also expect the same from you toward us and our customers - we're looking for good humans to join our team.

You'll access discounts on every product we have access to, even if we don't actively carry it in the shop.

This means in addition to clothing, helmet, and accessories, we could also bring in tyres, bike parts, workshop tools, and any other bits you need for you and your bike.

Afterall, we are a motorcycle gear shop, and you should be safely protected every time you ride!

We foster a culture where we prioritise what truly matters, emphasising efficiency and focusing on significant goals rather than getting bogged down by minor details.

That's why we encourage honesty and transparency. It's ok to make mistakes, there's always a path forward.

We also know that sometimes things are out of control, and it's not worth losing sleep over. The world will continue turning.

We work the best with people who are unfazed by the trials and tribulations of life. This means you'd have a calm and composed attitude toward anything that comes your way.

We'll support your personal and professional growth, aligning with your interests and life goals.

Whether you're creative, analytical, introverted, or love chatting with people, we'll customise the role to ensure your comfort and happiness here.

You'd fit in really well if you love a challenge, you live life with intent, and you encourage the people around you to grow too.

Our shop is conveniently located just a block away from the bustling South Melbourne Market, with ample motorcycle parking right out front.

Situated for easy access from all directions of Melbourne and minutes away from major highways, commuting to and from work is effortless.

Traffic can really build up in this area however, especially on market days. Be sure you leave ample time for yourself so that you can ride to the shop safely.

We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.

Whether you have a holiday, a private matter, or just want to hit the road for a ride, let us know in advance and we'll work with you to ensure everything is sorted.

Courtesy is a two-way street, and we're here to help each other out where we can. So if one of our team members has to take a break, we'd love for you to step in if you can.

Happy riding!