Cruiser Motorcycle Gear

We've put together a cruiser motorcycle gear collection for those of us who love the classic style, bottom end torque, and gutsy machines that take us the 'long way to get milk'. We've prioritised gear with a cruiser look and feel, supreme comfort, and accessories to enhance your cruiser motorcycle riding experience.


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Cruiser Motorcycle Gear

Cruiser motorcycle riding is a laid-back and relaxed style of motorcycling that emphasises comfort, a classic look, and a leisurely cruising experience. Cruiser motorcycles are known for their iconic design, featuring low-slung frames, elongated wheelbases, and often, larger engines. This style of riding is associated with a more relaxed riding position, making it suitable for long, comfortable journeys on open roads.

Key features of cruiser motorcycle riding include:

  1. Comfortable Riding Position: Cruisers typically have a more upright and comfortable riding position, with slightly forward-set foot controls and higher handlebars. This design promotes a relaxed and natural posture.

  2. Classic Aesthetics: Cruiser motorcycles often showcase classic and retro aesthetics, with elements like large fenders, chrome accents, and a sleek, minimalist look.

  3. Low Seat Height: Cruisers typically have low seat heights, making them accessible for riders of various heights and contributing to a stable and easy-to-handle feel.

  4. Torquey Engines: Many cruiser motorcycles are equipped with torque-rich engines that provide strong low-end power, allowing for smooth acceleration and a relaxed feel while cruising.

  5. Long-Distance Comfort: The design and riding position of cruisers make them well-suited for long-distance rides, making them popular choices for touring and exploration.

  6. Customization: Cruiser riders often enjoy personalizing their bikes through various accessories and modifications, allowing them to create a unique and individualized look.

  7. Community and Lifestyle: Cruiser riding is often associated with a laid-back lifestyle and a sense of camaraderie among riders. Many cruiser enthusiasts enjoy group rides, rallies, and social events.

  8. Casual Riding: While cruisers can certainly handle highways and open roads, the emphasis is typically on a more relaxed and leisurely pace, enjoying the journey rather than focusing solely on speed.

Cruiser motorcycle riding provides a different kind of experience compared to other styles of motorcycling, such as sport riding or adventure touring. It's ideal for riders who appreciate the blend of comfort, style, and the joy of taking in the scenery on open roads.